In my experience and that of my clients, some of the promotion methods that are touted as a panacea have questionable benefits.


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What promotion methods are questionable

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO from a search engine's point of view includes, for example, the use of doorways and cloaking. Doorways are web pages that are optimized for specific search queries and redirect users to other sites. This is inconvenient, since the first few search results can lead to the same pages or resources that are not of interest. Cloaking - the user is given one page that is easy to read, and the search robot is given another, optimized for any queries.

In fact, Black Hat SEO is now fading away because anyone who tries to trick a search engine is easily identified. In addition, competitors are not asleep, who are also promoting SEO. If your competitors find out that you are running "in the dark", they can write a complaint to the support service, and the search engine will simply downgrade you in the search results or be banned altogether.

Illegal methods of promotion, with which search engines are actively fighting now, include SEO-exchanges and links of irrelevant pages. There are practically no such exchanges abroad, in Russia there are only a few. They sell links on their sites to attract what is called link mass. But what an advertiser needs is not always necessary for a site visitor. In other words, if I type in the search query “SEO”, I want to see information about Affordable Search Engine Optimization, not the services of various companies and specialists.

Search engines are now quite successfully fighting this, because the level of trust in the search engine from the side of visitors is dropping due to irrelevant results.

Why is it not yet recommended to use illegal promotion methods? In case of exposure of the use of "black" methods and legal methods of promotion may go to waste, the site will be downgraded in the search results, or it will be banned altogether.

White Hat SEO

What legal promotion methods are there? I will give you effective methods from the practice of my and my clients that meet the recommendations of Yandex and Google.
Create unique content. It is necessary to create content that will be useful and interesting to visitors. Articles should have informational value for the visitor and have a certain volume. These should not be small, but detailed detailed articles of at least 7-8 thousand characters, which reveal as deeply as possible the essence of the issue.
Try to continually add new content. This does not mean that you need to post blog entries every day, no, let it be once a week (or at a different frequency), but let it be good, high-quality materials.
Post on relevant sites with moderation. Articles should be located on relevant resources that inspire trust among search engines. If I post a technical article on a cosmetics forum, however good it is, it will never get indexed as well as it would if I posted it on Habrahabr. This must be understood.

In search engines, a parameter such as site credibility is very important. Accordingly, if this site has moderation (as, for example, on Habrahabr), there will be much more trust in this site. Accordingly, the material that will be posted on it will be well ranked by search engines.