I want to emphasize that when choosing a grill, psychological moments, a person’s perception of the grill, play a very serious role. You need to listen to yourself. Often emotions prevail over the functionality of the grill.


Best gas grills under 500 Money: Master the game
How to choose the Best gas grills under 500 in 2022?

We believe that this is very correct, since a person should buy what he likes, and not what they are trying to impose on him for some reason. Only in this case, the purchase will bring true joy. Therefore, if you think that at the initial stage an inexpensive simple option will be more comfortable for you, then take it. In any case, it will allow you to take the first step into the wonderful world of barbecue grills.


Behind the gas grill, which is made by one of the leading manufacturers, there are very serious technologies, multimillion-dollar investments in production, development and testing of models. As a result, the buyer receives a well-thought-out heat distribution system in the oven and a burner ignition system, convenient control of them; wear-resistant design, main and additional grills, on which it is convenient to lay out ingredients; additional burner for the skewer, side burner. Some models have powerful infrared ceramic burners (Napoleon specializes in them, in particular). In such grills, patented developments will definitely be introduced. And, of course, the appearance, the study of all the elements of the grill, even, it would seem, the most insignificant. The result is a very harmonious picture.

In this context, it should be noted that sellers of cheap grills usually try to win the buyer over to their side with one main argument: “Why would you pay more for a brand when you can buy cheaper and get the same thing?”. Far from the same, believe me. In many cases, the fragility of the structure, the uneven distribution of heat in the oven, the ignition of the burners and their operation, as well as some other points, are what you will pay attention to during operation.

The grill market is not very different from other technological segments of the global market, so the methods are similar. To get a low-cost model, as a rule, an expensive well-thought-out grill is taken, disassembled to the screw; everything that is possible is reduced in price, and a budget analogue is obtained.

Of course, among the grills of a lower price category, you can find worthy examples that will work well for you for more than one year. But how to determine such a model immediately, when buying? Only on the basis of the assurances of the seller?

Napoleon Prestige PRO-825

At the top of Mount Olympus stands the Napoleon Prestige PRO-825. This is a perfect creation of Canadian engineers. To some, it will seem chic, the dream of someone who loves to cook. And someone, on the contrary, might think that the grill is huge, will take up a lot of space, and is designed exclusively for large-scale parties.

The grill is really big (239 cm long), requires space to set up, but it's not at all oversized in terms of cooking area. To understand this, you need to consider its components separately.

These best gas grills under 500 consist of two independent ovens. The large one with a 72x46 cm grill is the Napoleon Prestige PRO-500 grill, optimally designed for 4-6 people. This oven is the main oven for cooking, it will be used much more often. Here you can cook both in direct heat from the burners, and in indirect heat, bake, smoke, simmer, bake. There is also a rear burner for the spit. Despite the fact that the spit passes through a small oven too, it is more correct to cook on it in a large one.

The small oven is a steakhouse at home. It has two powerful ceramic infrared burners for roasting steaks at a high temperature. Tiny flames that pass through hundreds of holes in the ceramic can reach temperatures in excess of 900°C. But do not be afraid: the temperature on the grate where the steak lies is more gentle, otherwise the grate would melt and the steak would burn out very quickly. With the help of infrared burners (we talked about them in detail above), the steak is sealed from all sides, a barrier is created that leaves juiciness inside. Then it can be brought to a condition for several minutes in a large oven at a temperature of 180-200 ° C (this works especially well for thick steaks). They will turn out magically juicy and tender, and even with a beautiful lattice pattern.

In a small oven, between the infrared burners is a conventional low-power gas burner. It is used to heat food. Agree, cooled meat, vegetables or something else is not so pleasant to eat than warm. Therefore, for example, when you have prepared goodies, and the guests are late; or one of them arrived later, and everything has already cooled down, you can always turn on this burner and give the dish its original look - as if it had just been cooked.

On the left table near the Napoleon Prestige PRO-825 grill there is a powerful side burner (5.3 kW). On it you can do almost everything the same as on a home gas stove. The burner further expands the functionality of the grill.

Hidden in the right side table is a cutting board and a food-grade plastic container for ice or marinating ingredients.

This supergrill has plenty of space underneath to store accessories and utensils. Wardrobe with internal lighting. The platform for the cylinder leaves the right door, so it is much more convenient to change it. Doors and drawers with closers. The whole grill consists of such details, each of which emphasizes its thoughtfulness and premiumness.

In short, this is a really cool grill. Cool in terms of elaboration of functionality and ease of cooking on it, and, of course, design. It doesn't have to be used all the time. If you wanted, for example, to make juicy meat on a spit today, you only use a large oven. Tomorrow suddenly decide to buy a couple of marbled beef steaks and fry them in the evening for two - use only a small oven with powerful infrared burners inside. Add another zucchini, cut into rings, and two halves of a large red pepper on the wire rack. It will be a great side dish.

And if guests are gathering, use the full culinary potential of the Napoleon Prestige PRO-825: both ovens, a burner on the side table. Most likely in this case, the party will flow around your grill. And this is the main task of a thoughtful grill - to gather close people around you for pleasant communication.