Agree that any of us would like to add a little more innovation to our profession, a little more relevance in the future and relevance in the labor market?


Data Engineer Jobs Money: Master the game
You can learn the profession of Data Science from scratch…

And, of course, a salary of $ 10,000 and the prospect of working abroad would be a good addition to the so-called “dream profession”. Big Data Jobs is a good example.

Who is Data Engineer

Data Scientist collects and analyzes data. This profession has become especially relevant in light of the rapid development of services using machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence systems based on neural networks. Analytics experts have the technical skills to tackle complex problems and can transform raw data into actionable information for the business. It is not surprising that the demand for such specialists is growing every year.

A specialist in this field can build a model that will change the entire business. So, a few years ago, Jonathan Goldman, a physicist from Stanford, got a job on the social network LinkedIn and created a model that told the account owner which other users of the site might be his acquaintances. The social network put his model into practice and received additional millions of views and accelerated growth.

How to become a Data Scientist

Many go to this area with a university degree. However, despite the fact that it really gives fundamental knowledge, it is often divorced from practice. This is especially true for the link between IT and business. The best option is to learn Data Science from those already in the field and learn from their experience. Follow trends and participate in real projects, and not just study theory and mathematics textbooks - see the complete list in the Big Data Analyst Jobs overview. All this can be obtained in a special course on Data Science.

As part of the course, you will be taught the basics of Python programming and data analysis, mathematics and statistics for Data Science, Data Engineering and other disciplines. But the main thing is that you will be able to work out the necessary skills that a good specialist in this field needs - to understand how data science works and how it changes business for the better (soft skills). And professional teachers and special machine learning simulators will help with this. In the future, you will be able to work in any industry you like - from retail and travel to medicine and even e-sports. Everybody needs data experts now.

Data Analyst Jobs

You can learn the profession of Data Science from scratch - the main thing is to have a desire to learn and develop. According to the "Big data engineer jobs" post, the direction is really very promising: it is not for nothing that it takes 1st place in the ranking of the most demanded professions in 2021.

The duration of the course "Profession of Data Science" is 24 months. After training 6 hours a week, you will have the knowledge and skills of a Middle-level specialist and expect the average salary in the industry.