There are a lot of TVs on the market. But even the coolest models have one drawback - their sound leaves much to be desired. The fact is that the thin form factor does not allow you to equip them with a good speaker system. Therefore, if you realize that your TV does not sound very good, you have three options: 1) equip your home theater; 2) choose a soundbar; 3) relax and try to have fun.


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The "sounding crossbar" is easier to install, cheaper, fits better into the interior and is a kind of intermediate option between the built-in acoustics of gadgets and a multi-channel speaker system.

Expert advice on choosing a soundbar

Professionals advise choosing models with a functional interface for connection. Inexpensive devices are often equipped with only an audio jack and a USB port, while more "advanced" and expensive devices are also equipped with an HDMI port. The presence of a wireless connection allows the user to connect the soundbar to the multiroom system, and using bluetooth, you can play audio files from your smartphone.

Should you buy for your TV? Undoubtedly. It is convenient and practical. Just keep in mind: for high-quality sound reproduction, it is necessary that the length of the acoustic panel matches the diagonal of the screen or exceeds it. Only in this case, the sound will be equally well perceived from any place in the room. The sound quality also depends on the distance between the speakers and the angle at which they are located.

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