The ancestors of the French bulldogs were very liked by the English workers. Due to their small size, cheerful disposition, as well as hunting passion and high activity, they have become excellent pets and excellent rat-catchers. Then some of the workers emigrated to France with their pets, where they mixed with local dog breeds. These animals were also very fond of the French nobility because of their charming appearance, and they became quite popular in elite circles.


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Bulldog breed description

Appearance description

The French Bulldog is a smaller copy of the English Bulldog, but there are some features in its appearance. So, as we know it now, the "Frenchman" became in the second half of the 20th century. The main features of the appearance are erect ears, shaped like bat ears, a naturally docked tail, a snub nose and large eyes.

Looking at the photos of French bulldog puppies, many immediately fall in love with this breed. The expressive eyes are a little sad, which gives the muzzle an offended expression. And the big protruding ears make it funny and cute.

According to the international classification, the breed belongs to decorative dogs, to the group of small molossians. The breed standard was adopted in the 20th century, but the description of the French Bulldog has been amended several times.


French Bulldogs are medium in size. Their height at the withers is from 25 to 35 cm. But because of the strong bones and powerful physique, the “French” weigh a lot. Bitches may be smaller in size. Their weight is from 8 to 12 kg, in boys - up to 10-15 kg.

The first impression from them is created as a powerful, lively and strong animal. This is immediately evident in any photo of representatives of the breed. A wide cylindrical chest, a short neck, slightly widening towards the shoulders, and powerful relief muscles make the Frenchman a small Molossian. The height at the withers is slightly less than the height at the rump. The ribs are rounded, the chest is low, wide, and the stomach is tucked up.

The back is muscular, short, the topline descends slightly from the withers to the loin. The tail is short, set low. By nature, it is broken and twisted, sometimes lowered down.


The "French" limbs are short, powerful, with relief muscles. The bones are short, all joints are well defined. The elbows are pressed to the body, and the paws themselves are small, the fingers are gathered into a ball. In movement, the limbs are parallel.


The massive head has an almost square outline. It is broad, with a convex forehead and a slightly pronounced occiput. There is a deep furrow between the prominent superciliary ridges. The nasal bones are shortened, so the stop is sharp.