Editing already written text is one of the most difficult parts of many students’ jobs. For students whose first language is not English, the reason for this is obvious: even if they know the language well, they are still unlikely to be able to avoid mistakes.


How is grammarly for personal statement editing? Money: Master the game
How is grammarly for personal statement editing? See 2022 update

This is why many students who do not speak English at a high enough level turn to editors for help. Our best essay editor knows all the subtleties of the English language and knows how to work with texts of all kinds. An alternative to the editor for many people is to use Grammarly, a specialist error correction program.

How does it work?

Grammarly is a specialized proofreader that corrects all grammatical, contextual spelling errors and incorrect use of vocabulary. Numerous users will confirm that Grammarly is a specialized proofreader that cleans up all grammatical, and contextual spelling errors. The software also corrects misuse of vocabulary.

When we're talking about an online tool or desktop application, it's simple: you paste the text of your causal essay into an empty Grammarly field, and it will start proofreading. All errors are highlighted in red: if you hover over them, you'll see a pop-up window pop up immediately (even without clicking on the error).

A pop-up window offers possible bug fixes. The free version, also has two additional options below: "more" and "ignore". If you click "more", you can read the error description with examples and rules. You can then decide whether you want to fix the error or not - and if you don't want to fix it, you can simply click 'ignore'.

Features of the programme

But that's not all. Grammarly detects plagiarism and can also help you adapt your writing style: academic, business, conversational or literary. Its authors, which include professional linguists, claim their tool is used by 4 million people across a wide range of professions.

A little bit ahead of the curve, we'd like to point out that Grammarly is also available as an add-on for Word and Outlook, starting from version 2007. We suggest you watch a short demo video from the developers to see the power of a proofreader in a text editor from Microsoft.

Whether you are on Facebook*, Gmail, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anywhere else on the Internet, Grammarly will keep a close eye on what you are typing. An extension for Chrome and Firefox is responsible for this.

In fairness, it's worth noting that the extension's constant running in the background does show up as a bit of a lag in the browser. This, of course, depends on how powerful your computer is. If you use any other web browser, feel free to go to the corrector's web interface.

In this way, everyone will find a way to check their text for errors, including smartphone users. Although they would be more comfortable with a mobile app, alas, they don't have one. And in that, Grammarly loses a lot to its competitor, the English text proofreader called Ginger.

By the way, it was our Facebook* readers who prompted us about the existence of Grammarly in the comments to Ginger. However, on a purely personal note, Grammarly does a better job. For some of its advanced features, you'll have to pay, although the free version is adequate for everyday use.

As you can see, Grammarly is a great tool for those who like to write texts right in their browser window, and for those who just want good and quick proofreading without breaking the formatting. What's more, it has a free version, allowing you to try it at any time without risk.