Many bettors realize that it is unrealistic to constantly beat boomers, relying only on their own guesses and intuition - they cannot do without a scientific approach.


Math strategies in sports Money: Master the game
The mathematical aspect in betting is perhaps the most important.

It is believed that mathematics and betting in bookmaker offices are closely related to each other, and if you do not follow simple mathematical rules, many of which are the basis of different strategies, then you will not succeed.

In this article 22 bet app, we will tell you how the mathematical approach can be applied in betting.

Math in sports betting: what you need to know

To consider mathematics in betting, let us introduce or once again recall some elementary terms.

To calculate the probability, taking into account the margin, you need to divide the value of 100% by the coefficient itself. For example, a multiplier of 1.5 would equal a probability of 66.67%. (ref.: 22 bet download ) However, now we have not removed the margin charged by the bookmaker.

Margin is the commission that bookmaker's odds for its services are included in. She is an important source of income for the bookmaker.

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