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There are not many films in the creative piggy bank of this actress, but she is already considered the new star of Britain, who lit up the Hollywood Hills with her light. Her name is Florence Pugh, she is known to the Russian audience for her work in the sensational adaptation of Leskov's novel Lady Macbeth and her role in the TV series The Little Drummer Girl.


Florence was born in Oxford on January 3, 1996. Her father, Clinton, is a successful restaurateur who started his business by opening a small cafe, and her mother, Deborah, is a former professional ballerina and teaches choreography.

Florence, together with her sisters Arabella and Raffaella and her brother Toby, spent her childhood in Andalusia, where she studied at the theater studio from the age of 6 and received her primary education.

In 2007, together with her family, the girl returned to England, where she continued her education at one of the most prestigious private schools in Wychwood. At the age of 13, Florence entered the College of St. Edward, among the famous graduates of which is Lawrence Olivier himself. THE BEGINNING OF A CAREER Since childhood, the girl dreamed of an acting profession; while studying at college, she took part in student theater productions. Florence was also fond of music, she played the guitar well, and, performing songs by the famous Radiohead and Oasis, posted recordings on her YouTube channel.

In 2013, the girl decided on the first casting. The auditions went well. Florence's appearance corresponded to director Carol Morley's ideas about the desired heroine, and the potential of the young actress did not leave her rivals a chance. As a result, the aesthetic mystical drama The Fall, which tells about the difficult time of growing up and realizing one's sexuality, earned the approval of critics, who noted the debut of Florence Pugh, who played the touching role of Abby. The seventeen-year-old girl fully got used to the role, in which she was helped by personal experience gained while studying in private closed schools. Another British star Maisie Williams also played in the film, as well as the famous Greta Scacchi.

The next proposal, which followed in 2016, the young actress accepted with pleasure. In the project "Marcella", a traditional English detective drama, the main role of a female detective was played by Anna Friel. Young Florence played a small but tragic role as Kara Thomas, a young swindler who agreed to be a decoy and died at the hands of a maniac in the first season.

Florence Pugh: NUDE BEAUTY

According to critics, there is nothing Russian left in the English interpretation of Nikolai Leskov's Russian novel Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District by director William Olroyd, except for the depressing atmosphere of a provincial town and the foreboding of misfortune looming over the viewer. The director of the drama made a bet on an unusual combination: Katherine's angelic appearance and her steel character and cruelty.

The role of Katherine, forced to marry an elderly and unloved person, was played by Florence. As the story progresses, Katherine will fall in love and commit a terrible crime. But even her own life, sacrificed by her, will never make her happy. The role of Catherine's hated husband was played by the famous Paul Hilton, and the budding handsome Cosmo Jarvis played the role of her young lover. In general, critics welcomed the director's non-standard approach to the adaptation of the classic work, as well as the dramatic talent of the young actress. But many condemned her for being too dramatic, as well as for the abundance of scenes in which Florence appeared naked. Especially vicious connoisseurs of cinematography talked about the fact that the girl was building a career for herself, demonstrating young charms.

However, in an interview given after the premiere, Florence, with her usual frankness, replied that she did not see anything reprehensible in filming nude (ref.: (Florence Pugh) https://tiktok.com/leaked-florence-pugh-nude-caught-on-camera/), and called the behavior of critics sanctimonious: I have good parents, and as a child we watched European cinema together, so " Nudity has never been a problem for me – as long as it remains beautiful After the success of the young actress in “Lady Macbeth”, offers rained down on her one after another. In 2018, the young star took part in the drama Passenger, which starred such famous actors as Liam Neeson, Elizabeth McGovern, Vera Farmiga and Spanish celebrity Clara Lago.

At the end of 2018, a television interpretation of Shakespeare's King Lear was released, in which the role of the King of England was played by Anthony Hopkins. The images of the eldest daughters of the unfortunate King were embodied by Emma Watson and Emma Thompson. The role of Cordelia was played by Florence Pugh, an English rose, as she was called in The Guardian.

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The young star, who is often compared to Kate Winslet, is in no hurry to please fans with news about her personal life, referring to the resemblance and dramatic talent of both actresses. However, in one of the conversations with reporters, she said that she still has a boyfriend, but she is not yet ready to reveal his name to the public. In 2018, the young actress was seen several times with Alexander Skarsgard, a representative of the famous acting dynasty, who previously met with Kate Bosworth.