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Trisha Paytas personal life & Transgender identity

In early October 2019, Paytas announced that she is a transgender gay woman through a YouTube video titled "I am TRANSGENDER (FROM WOMAN TO MAN)". Paytas received a negative reaction for the video, with many social media users, including Vicky Vox, claiming that Paytas does not understand what it means to be transgender. In response to Vox, Paytas tweeted, "You don't know me, my journey, my struggle, my transition. I've been with a gender identity therapy specialist for the last six months because I've hated who I was since I was three... Think before you tweet, THIS is more damaging than me sharing my story." In the same week as the announcement, Paytas apologised for the language she used in the video, but confirmed that she still identifies as male. Some of her leaked photos can be found here (Grace Charis)

Trisha Paytas and drugs

In an interview with the H3 Podcast, Paytas admitted that she has previously had problems with substance abuse and was once hospitalised after an overdose of methamphetamine. She said her main problems were between the ages of 19 and 22, followed by five years of sobriety and several minor relapses. Paytas said her main addiction was prescription pills.

Trisha Paytas bibliography

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