The pandemic had a great impact on the development of streaming services, we can safely say that it has become a growth driver. Views of all types of video have increased in 2020, according to Criteo, with the majority (3 out of 5) using paid streaming services.


Video streaming trends Money: Master the game
Video streaming trends

Subscription price

Subscription price and video content quality are the determining factors when choosing a video service

According to a mpvplayer survey, the number one spot when using a streaming service is the cost of a subscription. In second place is access to high quality content. On the third - the ability to cancel the subscription at any time. The following are reasons that can be attributed to the quality of user experience: fast and hassle-free access to content, personalized offers, user-friendly interface.

Content fragmentation

Fragmentation refers to the emergence of thematic streaming services. mentions Gaia, a service for those who lead a conscious lifestyle, practice yoga and understand what mindfulness is.


An important trend that allows large services to go beyond their "native" market and make content available to different audiences. Subtitles in different languages, payment in different currencies - these are just a few "signs" of this trend.